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HOTO design, Melbourne based creatives that produce unique, modern, industrial homewares.  Each design piece is hand crafted from high quality raw materials creating iconic one of a kind pieces.

Drawing inspiration from everyday materials, they transform their traditional qualities into distinctive designs pieces that are both striking and practical.

HOTO design creates a vision of contemporary industrial living. We deliver functional, bespoke decor to enhance and create your unique space.


HOTO design was created by creative Melbourne couple Neil Hole and Danielle Tomas. With a photography and graphic design background, what was once a “creative DIY Sunday session”, has now transformed into a rewarding career. The positive feedback they received from their own hand crafted homewares, led them to share their unique creations and continue their passion for designing beautiful functional home decor.

  • Neil Hole

  • Danielle Tomas

Copper! Sure, it might not come in medal form and be given out at the Olympics, but it’s one of the most gorgeous tones in home wares right now and we can’t get enough of it – especially when it’s paired with industrial items such as concrete.
Neil Hole
Danielle Tomas
Copper is so hot right now which is why it's this seasons BIGGEST trend! Copper homewares add a touch of warmth and industrial glam to any space.
Danielle Tomas

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